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The Transition: From Renting To Owning

Posted by searchho on August 25, 2015
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Learning The Ins And Outs Of Owning

The word "HOME" written in wooden letterpress type.You’ve finally landed your first home! Congratulations are in order! The transition is very exciting – however, you may be left wondering a few things. What do I do now? How are things going to be different from when I was renting? How do I keep up with owning a home? Well lucky for you, The Campbell Home Team has the answers that you seek! With our assistance, the transition to homeownership will be easy as pie.

1. Prepare for the long haul. You are probably going to be living in your new home for years to come, so make sure you love it! Move into a house where you can see yourself building a future, that way you won’t have any regrets.

2. Budget, budget, budget. Take into account all of your expenses when you make the change from renting to buying. That way, you can plan ahead and won’t be caught in a sticky financial situation in the future.

3. Learn to be handy. No more calling the landlord to bail you out! Homeownership comes with a large array of maintenance that isn’t usually associated with renting. Now is the time to learn how to do all of those home improvements that you didn’t have to worry about before. Running toilet, leaky pipes, broken water heater, landscaping, repainting – you name it. But remember learning how to get handy isn’t a bad thing, it means that you are in control and can keep your house in tip top shape according to your standards.

DIY-wall-home-decor-ideas-Pinterest4. Create that “HOME” feeling. Home is a place, but more importantly it is a feeling. Add personal touches to your home like hanging pictures, coating the walls with a splash of paint, or adding your favorite decorations. This can create the comfort of being in a place that is truly your own.

5. Make friends. Opposite of renters, who are always moving in and out, you and your neighbors are going to share the street for a long time. Why not get to know them? Invite them over for cookouts, housewarming parties, or simply give them a wave when you see them. Either way, you are one step closer to getting to know your new neighbors. Establishing friendships with your neighbors will mean that if something ever goes wrong or you need to borrow a tool, they will be there to help you out.

Now you are all set to make that transition from renting to buying in the DFW. It is time to officially call yourself a homeowner! If you have any questions regarding homeownership, please feel free to contact The Campbell Home Team today.

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