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Mortgage Rates

If you’re looking to get the best mortgage rates on your next home loan, then you’ll want to understand a couple of key principles…

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    Understand exactly what you’re seeking.

    Are you looking for the lowest interest rate or are you looking for the lowest mortgage payment?  OR, Are you looking to pay the least amount of interest on your mortgage?

    The answer of these questions can be vastly different.  For example, if you’re looking for the lowest interest rate or to pay the least amount of interest overall, then a shorter term mortgage option, such as a 15yr Fixed mortgage might be the best fit to get you the lowest interest rate.  But, if you want the lowest payment, then a longer term mortgage, such as a 30yr Fixed rate might be a better solution.

    Keep in mind that some mortgage programs may offer lower rates, but if you have a mortgage insurance premium, it might not have the lowest mortgage payments each month.

    In order to discuss all of the variables in determining the best mortgage program to achieve your goals, call The Campbell Home Team, Dallas’ best Mortgage Loan Officers, at 214-929-1733 or email us today.


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    Understand how mortgage rates work and when to lock in your mortgage rate.

    After you’ve determined which mortgage program makes the most sense for your situation and goals, the you’ll want to make sure that the timing is optimal for your rate lock.  To begin, you’ll want to understand the mortgage rates (much like stocks, gold prices, gasoline prices, etc) are a moving target.  Make sure that you’re working with a Mortgage Loan Officer that understands the dynamics of the mortgage market and can assist you in making good rate lock decisions.

    Keep in mind that when comparing lenders, you’ll need to make sure that you compare lenders on the exact same day.  Comparing mortgage lenders over a period of time and then making a determination based on the lowest rate could lead you down the wrong path because rates fluctuate all the time.

    **If possible, work with a lender that has multiple options.  Some lenders adjust their rates up or down for a variety of reasons, such as having too many loans in process.  If you’re working with a mortgage loan officer/lender, such as a member of The Campbell Home Team, that has multiple options, then you can be assured that you will get the lowest mortgage rate possible.

    For a FREE Rate Quote,  Consultation, or Break Even Analysis – Call The Campbell Home Team at 214-929-1733 or email us today!

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